Metal Fabrication Services in New England

Starting to dream up the vision for your next building project in the North Boston area? If your space requires metal fabrication work, it can be tricky finding the right company to handle your property’s unique sheet metal fabrication needs. Let Pugliese Contracting make this part of your build process simple with our customized metal fabrication services. We operate our own custom metal fabrication shop, so the sky’s the limit! We specialize in custom metal fabrication for new building projects in New England.


Custom Metal Fabrication for Construction Projects

Pugliese Contracting can custom-create structures for your site through our metal fabrication operation. We specialize in all types of metalwork, including forming, cutting, rolling, welding, and more. We use raw materials to create custom pieces designed exactly to your specifications. Structures we create include…

  • Hand railings
  • Stairs
  • Structural framework
  • Piping systems
  • And more

Experience the Difference with In-House Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is a specialty that most contractors aren’t able to provide themselves. Because we have our own custom metal fabrication shop at Pugliese Contracting, we can handle all of the metalwork, framework, and welding services that our client projects require. Metalwork done in house by our experienced craftspeople helps our clients save significantly on production time, materials, and products.

Commercial metal fabrication services are provided to clients using our design-build, construction management, and sustainable building services. Metal fabrication by Pugliese Contracting is not available for subcontracting. If you’re planning a build north of Boston in New England, contact us to discuss your project.