Finish Carpentry & Millwork

Make your space one of a kind with custom carpentry and millwork performed by the talented carpenters at Pugliese Contracting. When you choose us as your general contractor, we are able to complete finish carpentry and millwork in our very own shop. Our carpenters are true craftspeople and take great pride in the work they do. Clients and designers we work with love how using our in-house millwork and carpentry keeps projects on schedule and provides the finest quality products.


Custom Finish Carpentry & Millwork

Pugliese Contracting can create custom millwork and carpentry pieces for your building. We specialize in all types of millwork and carpentry, including interior and exterior applications for functional and decorative purposes. Some examples of our carpentry and millwork services include:

  • Custom window frames
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Custom chair rails
  • Custom ceiling trim
  • And more!


Benefits of In-House Carpentry and Millwork

Carpentry and millwork are services that most contractors require a subcontracted professional to complete. Because Pugliese Contracting has its own woodworking and carpentry shop, we are able to handle all of the finish carpentry and millwork that our building projects require. Having these services completed by our in-house team of craftspeople significantly improves production time and helps keep costs low for our clients.


Millwork and finish carpentry services are provided to clients using our design-build, construction management, and sustainable building services. Finish carpentry and millwork by Pugliese Contracting are not available for subcontracting. If you’re planning a build north of Boston in New England, contact us to discuss your project.