Our Building

Sustainable Building

Sustainability is defined as the capacity to endure. For humans, sustainability is the long-term maintenance of responsibility, which has environmental, economic, and social dimensions, and encompasses the concept of stewardship, the responsible management of a resource use. -Wikipedia At Pugliese Contracting, we are focused on maximizing sustainability practices for each and every one of our construction jobs. From planning to materials used to the construction itself, each facet of a project is carefully scrutinized to see how it can be accomplished in a sustainable manner.

Sustainability Starts at the Source

We are proud to say that we practice what we preach. Our 8,000 square foot headquarters runs completely off of a 30,000 KW photovoltaic solar array system. We use the electricity to completely power our millwork shop and custom metal fabrication shop. We also have a geothermal system, which provides 100% of the business’s heating and cooling needs. What does all of this mean? Simply put, we are a net-zero carbon footprint building—a green facility through and through.View photos of our headquarters, or see our sustainability in action—click below to view the current offset of carbon to date.   Want to find out how you can create your vision sustainably? Contact us today!